Nearshore Development

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala has great competitive advantages due to its privileged geographical location as a natural bridge between the Americas. Complemented by both its Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean shores, as well as access to one of the main markets of the world, Guatemala has become the hinge of the Mesoamerican region, a region with great potential due to its more than 50 urban centers. Half of these centers are located in Central America, with a population of 67.4 million people and a joint economy that borders US$ 154 billion..

Besides being the most stable and largest economy in the Central American region, Guatemala has the benefit of having the best infrastructure in the area, the most contemporary and modern cities, developed airports with direct flights every day to the main cities in the United States, and the most specialized and highly trained IT work force, competitive at a global level.

Also, the telecommunications area in Guatemala has grown constantly and is one of the most dynamic fields of its economy, thanks to the 1996 Telecommunications Law. Today Guatemala benefits from one of the most successful denationalization processes of state-operated Telephone Service in the world. Guatemala has excellent telephone coverage at a national level, with 97 telephones for every 100 habitants, and 13 million telephones (between mobile and conventional units). Additionally, its phone rates are the lowest in the western hemisphere, and international call costs are amongst the lowest in the world. Guatemala has 19 local and 20 international network operators.

Advantages and Benefits

Proximity: Located in Guatemala City, ICON’s headquarters are an average of 3 hours away from the main cities in the U.S. with direct flights to most of them every day.

Latitude: Time zone similarity allows a fast coordination of remote work sessions, revisions, and project timelines.

Fluency: At ICON, our service culture is backed up by our people's warmth, 100% bilingual training, and high-standing values and lifestyles.

Opportunity: A fully developed commercial environment, and a legally secure and economically certain framework, allows successful business development in the same ways as in your own country.

Cost savings: ICON has a dynamic structure, adapted successfully to save costs in remote processes for software development, also providing the highest quality using world class technology and personnel.